We offer a full sanitary disposal service. The disposal of Napkin Pads sanitary waste is a sensitive issue that ensures hygienic washrooms for ladies where we collect and exchange the sanitary bins including few drops of fragrance detergent regularly to leave a positive impression.
Our technical expertise ensures that sanitary management solutions are tailored to your business operational requirements. In addition, our depth of knowledge on the legislative and operational aspects of service management, coupled with our classification and statutory expertise ensures we always add value as part of our approach. 
“Washroom spaces should be consistently well-maintained, hygienic and fully equipped with all the sanitary products required to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your washroom visitor.” 

Sanitary waste disposal is a major consideration for any washroom facility. Incorrect disposal of sanitary waste may cause blockages in drains and will have an environmental impact.
We believe that our ‘Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit’ offers an attractive alternative for both commercial and residential customers.

This sanitary unit is simple to install and offers a uniquely replaceable and disposable ‘lid and liner cartridge’ system. It’s also made from fully biodegradable plastic additives, making it the responsible environmental choice.


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1. Sanitary units are of a slimline design taking up minimal floor space
2. They are easy to operate
3. Prepared at our facility prior to delivery to your site
4. All sanitary units are fitted with our unique liners and neutralize fresh fragrance odors
5. Sanitary units are exchanged on each service
6. Service intervals are designed to meet your requirements
7. Service dockets are provided on each service
8. Services are Invoiced on a Monthly Basis for Payment Purposes.

Minimize Toilet Bowl Chokes
By providing a lady sanitary bin in your washrooms, this could minimize the problems of sanitary wastes being flushed down the toilet bowls which would choke the drainage leading to expensive plumbing repairs.

Anti-Bacterial. Prevents Mal-odors.
Our sanitary bins are treated with specially-formulated anti-bacterial gel. The gel effectively eliminates bacteria and prevent foul smell, resulting in a cleaner and fresher washroom for ladies.

Step Bins – Hygienic, Touch-free
Our feminine sanitary bins are slim and with foot pedal for a touch-free operation. Slim in design, able to fit into even the most compact cubicles. Being a step-bin, the usage is convenient and more hygienic for ladies.
Flexible Schedule
Customers have the flexibility to decide on the collection schedule, that is, how often should the lady sanitary bins be collected and replaced with freshly sterilized and sanitized bin

1.   A system that is fresh and super easy to maintain
2.   A system with minimal-contact system requirements
3.   A system that is sleek and discreet, and
4.   A system that can be retrofit to your unique requirements.
5.   It’s ideal for commercial offices, factories, shopping centers, hospitality, recreational facilities, function venues, sporting facilities, in fact anywhere with a need for sanitary waste  disposal unit.
6.   It also holds more sanitary waste than you’d expect, due to its sleek and efficient design considerations.
7.   A system that is environmentally friendly
8.   The uniquely replaceable and disposable ‘lid and liner cartridge’ cleverly integrates biodegradable additives into our plastics.
9.   A system with an attractive streamlined design
10. The unique design qualities include; ease of installation, minimal contact requirements, a unique disposable ‘lid and cartridge’ as well as just looking good.